You Know You’re a Cheerleader When…

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  • It’s second nature to pose with your hands, maybe even your fists, on your hips in photos.
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  • Every room in your house becomes a place to practice.
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  • Facials become a habit you can’t break, and you look way more excited than you actually are.
  • Every song you hear on the radio reminds you of some part of your routine.
  • And if it doesn’t, you think it’s definitely mix material.
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  • You have a bow to match every outfit in your cheer infested closet.
  • You tumble anywhere and everywhere including the grocery store.
  • And you’ve been yelled at for doing so.
  • “It’s a back tuck, not a back flip.”
  • You have so much hairspray in your hair that your ponytail stays up without a hair tie.
  • “5, 6, 7, 8” is your only way of counting.
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  • No matter how long practices lasted, or how tiring nailing a new routine was, you loved every second of it.

Sheila Kiley


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